Now Request Google to “find my phone” to Find Your Lost Android Smartphone

“Google main tool is Google Search Engine that help searchers, researchers and marketers to find what they want. Now Google find your lost smartphone having android OS.It is as easy as you search a business place in GOOGLE search, you can now find your lost smartphone by using your desktop or laptop google search.[ads2]

Steps & Requirements to Find Your Smartphone on Google:

  • Give access to your current location to Google
  • You must be loged in into your Gmail account
  • You must have latest version of ANDROID APP
  • Now type “find my phone” and hit enter
  • Now its Google turn to do its own work to find your lost phone

You can see screen shots of this app below. When you type find my phone and hit enter to search then if your smartphone is nearby then it starts ringing and you can pick it up from that hidden place. But if it is not nearby then Google show its location on Google maps.

Google still has not describe how this android app work and its background working or functionality.As we know there are a billion devices currently running on android os. This feature of android app also boost up its operating system usage, hence android devices and users.Its means now we never lose our smartphones. That’s amazing. We love Google because its love us as its users.

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