Cortana Beta Android App: Microsoft Cortana Windows 10 app now released for Android OS

Cortana Beta Android App: Microsoft Cortana Windows 10 app now released for Android OS – Microsoft trying to capture a very large android community because Android now becomes heart of every new Smartphone.

What is Cortana App and what is does?

Cortana App is actually created by Microsoft for its Windows platform that works as PDA (personal digital assistance) on your PC and on your windows based phones as well. Cortana is already included in windows 10 and also in mobile phones based on windows 10. Today Microsoft released its beta version for android phones users. It is officially released today as it is announced on Microsoft own website blog section.

What Cortana can do for you?

Windows based Cortana app can do followings

  • Manage your lifestyle and daily activities by getting and setting reminders
  • Searching and Researching on-the-go
  • Tracking information for you i.e.: initiating tasks and completing tasks on devices
  • Flight details and scheduling etc

As we know that Cortana beta is still under several improvements and there are a lot of features missing which are available in her native platform (means in windows).

Following are the main differences or lack of functionalities those are available in windows but still not in Android environment.

  1. Toggling feature: Only speak “Hey Cortana” , it toggle settings and also open app (this functionality is only available in Windows 10 environment but missing in Cortana Beta for Android)
  2. Invoking and closing of app by saying “Hey Cortana

Where to download this Cortana Beat App for Android Platform?

This Cortana beta app for android is available on Google play store just for testing purpose.(Only for U.S Android community )

ViaMicrosoft Official Blog

Download Link:

So, keep in touch with for further final release. We will share with you as more news and updates about android apps and android news. Stay tuned on TheAndroidNews to be updated.

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