YouTube Red – A membership Program announced by Google last day for YouTube

Google the owner of YouTube introduced a new subscription program on youtube known as YouTube Red. Last day on 28th October, YouTube Official Blog post clear all rumors spread on the internet about this new subscription program that is only $9.99/

According to YouTube news post, YouTube users are complaining about the interruption of advertisement during videos. Ads are annoying when someone watching videos of their favorite choice. But Google has to pay the reward to videos creators, resulting this membership program on the monthly basis.

What are the benefits of YouTube Red membership?

Its membership is optional for those users, don’t watch ads during play of their choice videos on youtube. Following are the benefits of this monthly membership of YouTube. You can sign up for YouTube Red here

  • Ads Free videos (means YouTube sponsored advertisements don’t interrupt you while you are watching videos on any channel)
  • If you are a subscriber of then you can download any video content from youtube directly on your device and can watch it offline when you want.
  • YouTube Music , Gaming for kids and much more is as totally free for all visitors as it is.
  • its users can now listen to Google Play Music totally free.
  • From next year, all YouTube Red subscribers get free access to all new shows, movies, and top creator videos.

For More info about youtube red visit:

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