Android Security Reward Program

Android Security Reward Program: Rules and Guidelines 2023

What is the Android Security Reward Program?

The Android Security Reward Program is an initiative by Google to enhance the security of the Android ecosystem. This program encourages security researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to actively participate in identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities in Android. Here, we will delve into the details of Android security reward program, providing an overview of its objectives and how it works.

Google is committed to ensuring that Android remains a secure and trusted platform for users around the world. To achieve this, the company recognizes the importance of engaging the community in identifying and addressing potential security threats. The Android Security Reward Program is a crucial component of this strategy.

Android Security Reward Program

Rules and Guidelines of the Android security reward program

To ensure the success of the Android Security Reward Program, there are specific rules and guidelines that participants must follow. Understanding these rules is essential for anyone looking to engage with the program. Let’s explore the key aspects of the program’s rules and guidelines, including eligibility criteria and vulnerability reporting.


The Android Vulnerability Reward Program is open to anyone, regardless of background or affiliation. Whether you’re a security researcher, developer, or just someone who stumbled upon a potential vulnerability, you’re eligible to participate. Google encourages individuals and teams to report security issues in Android and associated Google-developed apps.

So, if you discover a vulnerability, don’t hesitate to report it through the program and potentially earn a reward for your contribution to making Android more secure. Happy bug hunting!

Vulnerability Criteria

 Here, we will detail what types of vulnerabilities are eligible for reporting and rewards. This will help potential participants understand what to look for and report.

Various types of vulnerabilities are eligible for reporting and rewards in the Android Vulnerability Reward Program. Here’s a breakdown:

Qualifying Vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerabilities in the entire product stack, including AOSP, other OS code, WearOS, OEM code (libraries and drivers), Digital Car Keys, kernel, boot-loader, Secure Element code, TrustZone OS and apps, system on chip (SoC), MicroController Unit (MCU), Boot ROM, RAM, Flash memory, filesystem, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), and radio units.
  • Vulnerabilities in non-Google-owned code that impact Google’s devices and platforms are also eligible. (e.g., chipset firmware or Digital Car Keys support)
  • Critical, high, moderate, and low-severity vulnerabilities are rewarded. Patches that provide additional hardening, even if they don’t fix a vulnerability, may also qualify for rewards.

Non-Qualifying Vulnerabilities

  • Phishing attacks involve tricking users into entering credentials.
  • Issues exclusive to user debug builds.
  • Bugs causing an app to crash.
  • Issues with negligible security impact, as outlined in Bug Hunter University (with some exceptions).

Exploit Chains:

  • Exploit chains demonstrating arbitrary code execution, data exfiltration, or a lock screen bypass are eligible for extra rewards.
  • A successful exploit chain goes beyond causing a crash or error.
  • Exploit chains found on specific developer preview versions of Android may receive an additional 50% reward bonus.

Moreover, a wide range of vulnerabilities, from those affecting the core product stack to exploit chains demonstrating advanced capabilities, are eligible for reporting and rewards based on their severity and impact on Google’s devices and platforms.

Table of Rewards for Different Vulnerabilities in Android Security Reward Program

DescriptionMaximum Reward
Maximum Exploit Rewards (Code Execution):
Pixel Titan M with Perseverance, Zero clickUp to $1,000,000
Pixel Giant M without Perseverance, Zero clickUp to $500,000
Local App to Pixel Titan M without PersistenceUp to $300,000
Secure Element, Trusted Execution Environment, KernelUp to $250,000
Privileged ProcessUp to $100,000
Maximum Exploit Rewards (Data Exfiltration):
High-value information protected by Pixel Titan MUp to $500,000
High-value information protected by a Secure ElementUp to $250,000
Maximum Bypass Rewards:
Lock screen bypassUp to $100,000
Device Policy Controller bypassUp to $75,000
Vulnerability Patches Rewards:
Critical severity PatchesUp to $10,000
High severity PatchesUp to $5,000
Moderate severity PatchesUp to $1,337
Low severity PatchesUp to $500

How to Participate

Participating in the Android Security Reward Program is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to know how to get started. This section will guide potential participants through the steps of reporting vulnerabilities, including how to submit findings and work with Google’s security team.

  1. Read Program Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the Android Vulnerability Reward Program rules to ensure compliance.
  2. Discover a Vulnerability: Identify a security issue within Android or associated Google apps.
  3. Check Eligibility: Confirm your eligibility to participate as an individual or team.
  4. Gather Details: Prepare a comprehensive report, including a clear issue description and steps to reproduce.
  5. Use Submission Form: Access the vulnerability submission form provided by Google and submit your findings.
  6. Wait for Review: Allow the security team time to review your submission for validity and severity.
  7. Receive Feedback: Expect feedback from the team, which may include questions or confirmation of the vulnerability.
  8. Earn Rewards: If your submission is accepted, you may be eligible for a reward based on the vulnerability’s impact.
  9. Stay Updated: Stay engaged during the resolution process, and be aware of any updates or patches related to your reported issue.

Benefits of Participating

Engaging in the Android Security Reward Program not only benefits the participants but also plays a crucial role in enhancing Android security. In this section, we will explore the advantages of participating, including the impact on Android’s overall security, and recognition, and the sense of contributing to a safer digital environment.

Financial Rewards

  • Participants have the opportunity to earn monetary rewards for identifying and responsibly disclosing security vulnerabilities. The rewards vary based on the severity and impact of the reported issues.

Contribution to Security:

  • By reporting vulnerabilities, participants contribute to the improvement of Android’s security. This helps create a safer and more secure environment for millions of users worldwide.

Recognition and Acknowledgment:

  • Successful participants receive recognition for their efforts. Google publicly acknowledges individuals or teams that contribute significantly to Android’s security by listing their names on the Android Security Acknowledgments page.

Engagement with Google Security Team:

  • Participants get the chance to engage with Google’s security team. This collaboration allows for the responsible disclosure of security issues and fosters a positive relationship between security researchers and the company.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Participation provides valuable learning experiences. Researchers can deepen their understanding of Android’s security architecture, learn about different types of vulnerabilities, and enhance their skills in identifying and addressing security concerns.

Influence on Android Security:

  • Security researchers play a crucial role in influencing and shaping the security landscape of Android. Their findings can lead to improvements in the platform, making it more resilient to emerging security threats.

Networking and Community Building:

  • Engaging with the Android Security community allows researchers to build connections with like-minded individuals. It creates a network for sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights related to Android security.

Early Access to Updates:

  • In some cases, participants may receive early access to updates and fixes related to the vulnerabilities they reported. This ensures that they stay informed about the resolution of the issues they discover.

Positive Industry Reputation:

  • Successful participation in security programs enhances an individual’s or team’s reputation within the cybersecurity community and the broader tech industry. It establishes them as responsible and skilled security contributors.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Regular participation allows researchers to stay informed about the latest security measures and technologies implemented in Android. This continuous learning process contributes to their professional development.

Overall, participating in the Android Security Reward Program not only provides financial incentives but also contributes to the collective effort of securing the Android ecosystem, offering valuable learning experiences, and establishing a positive presence within the security community.

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In conclusion, the Android Security Reward Program is a vital initiative by Google that aims to strengthen the security of the Android ecosystem. This article has provided an in-depth look at the program, its rules and guidelines, how to participate, and the benefits of engagement. With this information, individuals interested in Android security can make an informed decision to contribute to a safer digital world.


What types of vulnerabilities are eligible for rewards?

Various types of vulnerabilities are eligible, including those in the entire product stack such as AOSP, WearOS, OEM code, Digital Car Keys, kernel, boot-loader, Secure Element code, TrustZone OS, and more. Critical, high, moderate, and low-severity vulnerabilities are rewarded. Exploit chains demonstrating arbitrary code execution, data exfiltration, or lock screen bypass are also eligible. However, certain types, like phishing attacks, issues exclusive to user debug builds, and bugs causing app crashes, generally do not qualify.

How long does it take to receive a reward for a reported vulnerability?

The timeline for receiving a reward can vary. After submitting a vulnerability report, the security team at Google will review the submission for validity and severity. The process may take some time as they carefully assess the impact of the reported issue. After the reward committee confirms the reward it takes up to 45 days.

Can I participate in Android Security Reward program if I am not a security researcher?

Yes, you can participate in the Android Security Reward Program even if you’re not a professional security researcher. The program is open to individuals and teams, and anyone who discovers a security vulnerability is encouraged to report it. This includes developers, enthusiasts, or anyone with an interest in Android security. By responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities, you contribute to the improvement of Android’s security, and depending on the severity and impact of your findings, you may be eligible for monetary rewards

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