Google’s 2 OS (Android OS & Chrome OS) combining soon

Android OS famous among mobile phone users and chrome OS is famous among laptop users around the world. Both Operating systems are owned by Google and working fine in their respective environment. But both OS have limitation for communications with each other. That’s why now Google realize this and going to merge both into one OS in near future.Google to combine Chrome OS and Android into a single operating system

Sundar Pichai, an Indian nowadays leading Google in the field of both operating systems. He announced last day in an interview to wall street journal that

Mobile as a computing paradigm is eventually going to blend with what we think of as desktop today.

He also added that Chrome OS & Android OS merging helps laptop users to enjoy the use of Google Play store millions of Apps.
Google has not yet announced the name of that new merging OS but it is expected that merged OS will be launched at any time in 2017. We will update you about this OS when it will officially launch or announced by the search giant, Google. Chrome OS users don’t worry about their laptop operating system because that remains as it and new OS will be optional.
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