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Apple launched a new app BeatsPill+ for Bluetooth Speaker & Music Lovers

Last day Apple uploaded an app known as BeatsPill+ for the owners of Bluetooth speakers. Apple not only released it for iOS users but also for Android lovers. Both Android and iOS versions of this BeatsPill+ app is now available for download on Google Play store & Apple apps store.Sample images of this app are shown below.

Introduction of BeatsPill+

If you don’t aware of this name we briefly describing here about this app here.
Pill+ is built for musician and music lovers. If you love music and wants more beats from your speaker then it helps you.
Its helps you to control your Bluetooth speaker and play your music in three different modes.(DJ,Amplify or Stereo).

Key Features of BeatsPill+

As you know BeatsPill+ is developed for Bluetooth speakers especially.Here key features of this android app as well as iOS app.

  • Like the Beats Pill+ speaker, the app has a sleek interface and is intuitive to use.
  • Connect to your Beats Pill+ from two audio sources.
  • Unlock more ways to play with two Beats Pill+ speakers for even more dynamic sound.
  • Keep track of your Beats Pill+ power levels so you always know how much battery is left.
  • In Amplify, adjust the volume of two speakers wirelessly from your external Bluetooth® source.
  • Get additional software updates and product support.

Download Links for Both Source are given below

Android App LinkiOS App Link

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