Android Official Instagram Account is Now Active with #AndroidAdventures

Android OS by Mountain View has now officially introduced its Instagram account (@android) with #AndroidAdventures hashtag. As we know and might be already following Android on Twitter and Android Google Plus official page. The purpose of this Android Instagram account is clearly evident from its description. This account is active from the last couple of days and Google has yet uploaded 6 images and video of its latest android devices and brand foods. Android Instagram’s account collection includes an image of its latest smartphone Google Pixel, 2 images of Nexus devices, 1 more image of Pixel C, 2 images of its wearable products, smart watches, and some brand logo foods.

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It is admitted fact that every person wants to know the #brand or the #product of his choice the better way. And social media’s(facebook,twitter,Pinterest,google +, Instagram etc) are the right place nowadays to keep you updated about latest news whom you follow or likes. I can see that within 2 days Android Instagram account is followed by more than 6k peoples already. If you are passionate to be updated about latest android products then I think you should follow it on Instagram immediately. I have already shared its link in the first line and again going to share it at the bottom with a source reference. Hurry up and follow android before it reaches million.

Source: Instagram

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